Your own business: risk vs. reward

Your coaches introduce the idea of starting your own business.

LuisHave you ever considered starting a business of your own? Starting and managing your own business can ask a lot more of your time, energy, and talent than most jobs ever do. It may require a significant investment of your own money and it might be risky. But it may prove much more rewarding, too.

AliciaRunning your own business can give you the satisfaction of using your talents and doing work you enjoy. If you’re a good money manager, it can be financially rewarding, too.

A small business owner standing in his bicycle shop.

LuisThere are millions of successful small businesses in our country, but there’s always room for one more. So in this lesson, we’ll help you consider whether starting a small business is right for you.

Note: If you’re searching for a winning business idea, look for unmet needs or ways to deliver a better solution. Think about what you might be able to do better than your present or former employer. Listen to what people say they’re not able to find in existing businesses, and find a way to deliver it.

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