Thank you for your interest in volunteering to bring financial education to your community!

This page is designed for Wells Fargo employees, but anyone can use these presentation materials.


Hands on Banking is a free, non-commercial financial education program provided as a public service by the Wells Fargo Foundation. It offers resources for people in all life stages, with self-paced online learning for individuals, classroom lessons and activities, and community presentation content. Many resources are also available in Spanish. Check out the video below for more information.


Wells Fargo employees are encouraged to use Hands on Banking financial education content when volunteering with nonprofit organizations and schools. Here’s how to get started.

Connect with fellow volunteers

Joining your local Employee Impact Team is the best first step. These internal groups organize and share volunteer opportunities, they can advise on developing your own volunteer opportunities, and they may be able to connect you with other employees who have volunteered with Hands on Banking. Connecting with EIT leaders and members is the best way to learn about presenting Hands on Banking content and find ideas for where to volunteer. Search for “Employee Impact Team” on Teamworks for more information.


These ready-to-use presentations and corresponding handouts are organized by audience. The PowerPoint presentations include speaker notes to guide you. Check out this Volunteering Tips (PDF) document for more tips.

The Hands on Banking Experience

The Hands on Banking® Experience is a “real-world” money management simulation, designed for high school students and young adults, that helps teach important financial education concepts such as budgeting, comparison shopping, and evaluating needs, wants, and tradeoffs in a relevant and engaging way. Materials are available to conduct the activity in person or virtually.


Collecting feedback and logging hours shows our commitment to the volunteerism.  The feedback is extremely important as it allows us to show our impact in the community.